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(note: my Google Scholar can be hard to find; it’s here)

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University, where I focus on various aspects of human health: infectious disease at the individual and population level, as well as immunology. In addition, I study the evolution of language and the interplay between data science and dynamical systems.

I did my Ph.D at Brown University, where I was the Simon Ostrach Fellow at the School of Engineering. My advisor was the inestimable Thomas R. Powers. There, my work was in theoretical soft condensed matter physics and applied math, particularly in examining the interface of liquid crystals, viscous hydrodynamics, and elastica; differential geometry, dynamical systems, and algebraic topology. At first glance this is completely different from what I work on now, but geometry (and the geometrical interpretation of dynamical systems) finds its way into most everything I work on.

In addition to studying the math of writing, I am often compelled to write about math (among other things). I am about as bad of a writer as I am a mathematician/physicist. But, they give me comparable joy and sense of purpose.

My collaborators include: Tom Powers, Saverio Spagnolie, Marcelo Dias, Martin Nowak, Alex McAvoy, Alison Hill, the Quantitative Criticism Lab, Morgan Craig, and the Zehnder lab.

While an academic career is necessarily built on many kind and supportive acts, there are two people who have gone far out of their way to “save” my career and deserve special credit: Alison Hill and Eric Lauga

My Erdős and Einstein number are both 4. V. I. Arnol’d is my math hero.

For more information, please see my CV


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